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State And Lore: Revolutionizing Desire. A Reclamation of Representation for its Affective Potential

Arcadia Missa has invited speakers, writers and artists to contribute talks, performances and texts to a discussion on and around representation as both an effecting and affecting process within digital culture.  The day will comprise of individual talks and performances and group discussions.  

As part of this day of discussion there will be a live piece by Jesse Darling, a performance by Ann Hirsch (featuring excerpts from a larger work containing research elements of her Scandalishious project, which are presently unavailable online).  Paul Kneale will be speaking on the structural-linguistics approach to the 2.0 episteme, and the relation of political subjectivity to these structural grounds.  Lecturer & writer Cadence Kinsey PhD will present a talk “which hopes to reconnect the screen with alternative histories” [of representation]. Finally we will be skyping Jennifer Chan and Faith Holland individually for short talks from across the pond. Written contributions are available for free on the day and include pieces from lecturer, writer & editor of Mute magazine Josephine Berry Slater PhD and curator & writer Karen Archey.  Also is the brand new edition of UNpublish - a project by Ami Clarke and Banner Repeater, featuring a text written by us (A_M!) centered on the conversation that also runs through the symposium. The day will be moderated by Josephine Berry Slater and held by Arcadia Missa at South London Gallery’s Clore Studio.  It is part of the launching event of And Lore, an exhibition of works by Jennifer Chan and Ann Hirsch at Arcadia Missa Gallery, where we will head to for drinks and the opening of the exhibition post discussion.  

The day will be on Saturday November 17th 2012 between 11am and 4.30pm - please contact Arcadia Missa for seats, by emailing  In the evening, the opening of And Lore at Arcadia Missa Gallery is from 5pm with no booking necessary.

Please note there will be filming throughout, to produce a video piece as part of the documentation for the day to go temporarily online and alongside Arcadia Missa’s next publication.

This project is Kindly Supported by the Arts Council of England.

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